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Helping You Plan, Design and Implement Effective Workflow Learning Ecosystems

What We Do: Services

5 Moments of Need Audit

Your Roadmap to Success

The 5 Moments of Need Audit creates a roadmap from your current learning capabilities to where you want to go. This service allows you to measure your organization against the 5 Moments of Need Maturity Model, helping you specifically identify key objectives and priorities, and how to achieve Technical, Strategic and Tactical workflow learning tailored to your needs.


Prototype and Proof of Concept

A Comprehensive Small-Scale Implementation

As we build your solution, we create a comprehensive workflow solution model that can expand to the entire organization once perfected. We work with your SME's to develop a model that works for you and, more importantly, for your employees.

Performance Support Pyramid Buildable_03

Measure Impact

Because Results Matter

How has your 5 Moments of Need solution impacted productivity, ease of access and retention? Have we made your business better? Have we reduced the time required to train and keep your employees current? A true learning solution should accomplish this and more. We can show you how to measure and document real results. Then we can set the bar even higher.



Duplicating success

Now it is time to take what you have learned and implement to all relevant departments. We are here to assist as much or little as you need. Our goal is to create a 5 Moments of Need Center of Excellence within your organization.

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