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Who is Per4M?

The 5 Moments of Need Preferred Affiliate in the Nordics

We are proud to announce a new partnership between 5 Moments of Need and Per4M. As a 5 Moments of Need Preferred Affiliate we now have the ability to enable your workforce to perform optimally in our current landscape of unrelenting change in the Nordics.

5 Moments of Need workflow learning solutions significantly reduce the time, effort, and costs to on-board, re-board, train, and re-skill employees. In addition, their methodology creates a direct path to the answers needed, while your employees are in the workflow.

The long days of virtual and classroom training, along with e-learning are made more powerful as employees have access to information as they need it - in the flow of work.

This optimization will not only result in a unified performance of a dispersed workforce that facilitates learning while working, but it will also cultivate dynamic, engaged work-teams and make employee performance visible. All of which results in reductions in time and money—where you need, and want, it.

Together we can enable your workforce to do more for less.

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